Process Guide

Registration to the Platform

Users who visit and the website with the link below can purchase goods and services from the site depends on their registration to the Platform. You can register by entering your e-mail address and password information on the Platform and confirming the terms of the User Agreement, Privacy Policy, GDPR, and KVKK Notice. If you want to shop, you can log in to the Platform with your e-mail and password information.

Only real persons over the age of 18 have the opportunity to register and purchase services as users of the site. The statements regarding the legal personality of the user during login to the platform must be true.

Selecting Goods and Services and Adding to Cart

Goods and service for the automotive industry are categorized on the platform and published by service providers.

By starting the search process from the category in which the goods-services you want to buy are, you can access the advertisements related to the services in the relevant category, and you can get an idea about the goods-service and service provider from the ratings and comments of the people who have purchased the same service before.

When you decide to purchase goods services, you must make choices regarding the goods-service options specified by the service provider.

After you add the goods and services to the basket by clicking the “Add to Basket” button, you will proceed to the payment process if you approve the Preliminary Information Form and the Distance Sales Agreement.

Payment Transactions

The payment of the goods and services will be made through the Platform and will be made with the payment method chosen by the user.

In the credit card payment option, the payment will be finalized if you complete the payment process by filling in the information requested by the bank of the cardholder.

Payments made by wire transfer will be finalized after the bank accounts are checked.

The completion of the purchase of goods and services after receipt of payment will be subject to the final approval of the service provider. Your purchase becomes final if the service provider evaluates and approves your purchase request within the period specified in the advertisement. If this approval is not given within the specified period or the service provider does not approve this service, your payment will be refunded.

Delivery of Goods-Execution of Service

The purchased goods and services will be performed by the service provider and Anatolian is not a party in the delivery of the goods and performance of the service.

Goods and Services will be performed on the specified day and time, as concluded in the Distance Sales Contract and/or as agreed by the people who receive the service and provide the service.


With the completion of the execution of the service, you can evaluate the scoring and quality of the service about the service provider through the platform and contribute to the formation of an impression for potential service buyers who will purchase goods and services in the future.

In case the service is not performed at all, you have the opportunity to object to the non-performance of the service via the platform, to be used within 24 hours from the end of the completion period of the service agreed in the Distance Sales Agreement. Upon receipt of the objection to Anatolian, the payment amount made under the Guaranteed Payment Model is blocked in the account and transferred to the account of the service provider. If the conditions as determined in the Distance Sales Contract are met, a refund and/or penalty payment is made.

In Case of Dispute and Dispute

Users and service providers are obliged to fulfill their debts arising from the Distance Sales Agreement, User Agreement, and Service Provider User Agreement, and to the disputes between them regarding the non-performance of the debts of one of the service recipient or service provider parties to the other arising from these agreements. is not a party.

You can access the explanations regarding the legal regulations regarding the right of withdrawal and the situations in which the right cannot be exercised, from the Distance Sales Contract that you approve together with the Preliminary Information Form.

If you are a consumer, under the Law on the Protection of the Consumer No. 6092, the Consumer Arbitration Committee will be responsible for disputes up to a certain amount, and the Consumer Court will be responsible for disputes over a certain amount.

Published: 14.09.2020