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CarPal App is providing…

  • Detailed driving performance monitoring and reporting: You can view and report all historical and instant driving performance metrics.
  • Quick claim creation: With one click or with the autonomous detection feature of CarPal, you can access all the vehicle services you need in an unexpected situation and open a help request to the service provider.
  • Vehicle positioning system: In the CarPal application, you can monitor the drivers who do not have the privacy mode turned off and their vehicles (speed, route, stops, etc.) 24/7 via the application, thanks to GPS technology. akıllı teknoloji
  • Audible driving assistance system: An audible driving support system that provides necessary warnings and guidance for the safety of you and your loved ones throughout your journey.
  • The most affordable and appropriate vehicle breakdown, periodic maintenance, spare parts and insurance offers : The platform where we get to know you as you drive and the most affordable offers for you, which you cannot find anywhere else according to your driving performance

Buy CarPAL Connect, connect your vehicle.

  • Fault tracking system: Application that detects, saves, and reports all current and potential vehicle malfunctions
  • Detailed vehicle performance monitoring and reporting system: Reporting system where all performance metrics of the vehicle are monitored instantly and remotely
  • Audible Warning System: Audible warning system activated in dangerous and risky situations
  • Personalized and most affordable vehicle breakdown, maintenance, spare parts, and insurance offers